Have you ever wanted to know how “ordinary” people, just like you, took an idea and turned it into a successful business? If so, this is the book for you. Shendl Diamond, fueled by that same curiosity, set out to learn those secrets directly from entrepreneurs who had done just that. At the Heart of Success — A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur takes you inside sixteen inspiring and sometimes challenging entrepreneurial journeys.

Learn from these entrepreneurs as you read their stories and secrets for success, including the creators of Baby Einstein, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Carol’s Daughter, and One-Minute Manicure.

“This book helps us understand the most important aspects of accomplishing any project or goal. Whether you want to create a thriving business or successfully tackle a personal goal, this is the book to read. The interesting personal stories of these entrepreneurs offer wisdom, guidance and encouragement.”   
— John Ohanian, CEO, 211 San Diego

“I wish we had had this book when we started our company years ago. It would have made all the difference.”

— B. K