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The True Story of Critter Angels by Yani

"...but most of all I love 'The True Story of Critter Angels," It is such a lovely (and true) concept. Believe me, my house is fully of so many of those angels..."
Betty White, Actress, Animal Activist
(Testimonial used with permission.)

...there are dog angels and horse angels, bird angels and bunny angels, turtle angels and guinea pig angels...There are critter angels of every shape and size.

Yani, a kitty angel, along with her other critter angel friends shares the true story of critter angels, why they come into our lives and why they have to leave. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to the care and protection of animals.


“At The Heart of Success” A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur
by Shendl Diamond
takes you inside sixteen inspiring and sometimes challenging entrepreneurial journeys.

Learn from these entrepreneurs as you read their stories and secrets for success, including the creators of Baby Einstein, Build a Bear Workshops, Carol’s Daughter, and One-Minute Manicure.

Mini Journals

A gift set of 5 beautiful journals by PaperDiamonds each with unique and inspiring quotes. Packaged in a lovely organza bag. Blank inside.Perfect for pocket or purse. Each set contains all five journals.Sold as a set only.
Seven Stories to Live By SOLD OUT, check back for updates

by Lora Ann (Lora de la Cruz), M.A.
Inspired by Deepak Chopra’s, Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents
Illustrations by Hannah Shaffer

“This delightful book relays the knowledge and wisdom of spiritual laws in a child-like and educational text.” Deepak Chopra, Author of Fire in the Heart and Peace is the Way

Coach in a Box® Gift Set
Beautiful Coaching Cards and Companion Journal

These fun and powerful coaching cards and companion journal were designed to support you in exploring various topics that impact your success. The journal is chock full of inspiring quotes to help motivate you toward success.

A great program for individual use and for coaches to use with their clients. A LikeMinds® Product

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge SOLD OUT (Book, Cards, Poster)

by William N. Britton

This heartwarming and comforting story is a must for anyone who has ever loved an animal. This little book, sweet, and inspirational, offers hope, comfort, beauty and possibility to those who have experienced the loss of a devoted and faithful companion animal. A must for any animal lover. Original edition ©1994.

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